Alert Terra Linda

For Emergencies Call 911

This app is for residents and businesses of Terra Linda / San Rafael CA.

Signup to the AlertTL app to stay alert to fire and emergencies.

As of now we are looking for volunteers to help keep the app up to date and build community awareness. If you think you have a little interest and time please signup and indicate that you're interested in being involved.

Here are some of the areas that we need help with:

- One or two people to liaison with the local authorities and the Fire Department. We already have a few connection points and a start to the process, but could use someone to run this vital role.

- One or two people to liaison with local businesses and schools.

- A few people to help spread the word in the TL community of residents. This is especially important for people who are older or who might have physical / health conditions to consider.

Once we get our team together the plan is to setup a better early warning and alert system with the help of local authorities.

Below is a peak at what it looks like as of now.