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21 Day Bible Reading Challenge

Join Back To The Bible, our partners, and thousands of people in this 21 Day Bible Reading Challenge!

This Challenge was written by Back To The Bible Radio Bible Teacher - Dr. Bryan Clark.

We at Back To The Bible are excited and encouraged that you have decided to join us and thousands of others in this 21 day journey to discover more about who Jesus is. We hope we will all be even more excited for our ministry time together learning, praying, contemplating and applying the teachings of the Bible. In this challenge we will be reading and engaging together on the book of John. You'll have many opportunities to comment, pray, and congregate with others all around the world.


Before we get started here are some words and thoughts for you to consider.

So who is Jesus? It’s the question we are going to be wrestling with throughout this 21 day challenge. There are a lot of opinions about who Jesus was and who He is. I’m often kind of taken aback by people who just summarily dismiss Jesus and think that takes care of it. Wouldn’t everyone have to agree that, at the very least, Jesus was one of the most significant people in all recorded history? I mean, our whole way of dating goes back to before Him and after Him. There’s a movement He started that has permeated every area of the globe, penetrated every culture of the world. The world celebrates two international holidays, dealing with His birth and His claim of resurrection. Even if you are a skeptic, you would have to admit, historically, He is one of the most significant people ever to live. So to have intellectual credibility, you can’t just summarily dismiss Him. You would have to investigate who He was, what His claims were, and whether He was telling the truth or not.

But, it isn’t just the skeptics that wrestle with this question; there’re lots of very religious people who are very confused about the answer of the question: Who is Jesus? We could narrow the scope further and say there are many Christians who still are very confused about who Jesus is. There are many myths that need to be dispelled in order to better understand the truth of who Jesus is. Someone might ask the question, “What difference does this make?” The answer is, “It makes all the difference! Only when one cultivates a right view of Jesus do you begin to experience the intimacy and the life that your soul longs for. It makes all the difference.”

We want to thank our partners and for their continuous support and dedication to engage more people with the God's Word.

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