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At Back To The Bible, we strive to provide you with the most engaging Biblical experience, and we seek modern digital ways to do so. Our prayers were answered! And that's why we are now moving the Daily Bible Teaching Broadcasts to this new platform that will help you study the Word in more personalized way. You will be able to set up bookmarks, reminders, add your prayers, comments and notes, and much much more - all while still getting in your personal quality time with the Lord! Same good reads - new enhanced experience!

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20 min / day

In Daily Bible Teaching Broadcasts, pastor and Bible Teacher Bryan Clark helps you start 2020 with the wisdom and skill required to win each day spiritually!

Bryan says, “My passion is trying to help people understand the great truths of God’s Word in a way that it genuinely affects their daily lives.”

Join him in the book of Proverbs to discover ancient wisdom for your life today!

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But no matter what, we are very excited that you trust us with providing you with daily spiritual content, and we pray we continue to be of value and of service to you.