Free DIY Covid-19 DNA Vaccine Course from The-Odin Project

I'm not a bio-hacker, but I'm a big fan of The-Odin and their work.  Their new free Covid-19 course is inspiring and I wanted to help those who might want to organize and share as a group.  More information below.  You can also go into various class times specifically.

I'll make it so anyone can leave guest comments. You can also subscribe if you want to get reminders at class start times.

Josiah, David, Dariia - LOVE your work and and rooting super hard for you and all of us!!

Syllabus Link:
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Do-It-Yourself: From Scientific Paper to Covid-19 DNA Vaccine

Course Description 

In May 2020, an article came out in science magazine where researchers showed that by using a DNA vaccine that codes for the SARS-CoV2 spike protein they could create antibodies in and protect macaque monkeys from covid-19. We wanted to take those results one step further by testing the DNA vaccine on humans. This is a step-by-step online class on how anyone can take a scientific paper and use it to develop a research plan to collect usable human testing data. Simultaneously, over the course of the next 2 months we will show you the process we went through to recreate the SARS-COV2/covid-19 vaccine from the paper and test it on ourselves. From designing the DNA, testing expression in human cells, ELISAs and more. This course will explain how one can do advanced Biomedical research DIY and on a budget.

All protocols, documents and video lectures will be freely available online:

Each week there will be hands-on experimental livestreams during the week from each of our instructors and a weekly round-up where the instructors come together to share insights and results for the week.

Each instructor will be performing similar experiments but in different DIY environments, with different philosophies and techniques. A decentralized multi-sample self-experimental human model.  

Weekly Experimental Round-Up: Sundays Starting June 28, 11AM PT

Hands-On Experimentation:

Josiah Zayner - Tuesdays Starting June 30 at 11AM PT(GMT -8)  

David Ishee - Sundays Starting June 28th at 6PM CT(GMT -6)  

Dariia Dantseva - Wednesday Starting July 1st at 4PM GMT +3


Course Goals 

Students who complete this course successfully will know how to 

  • Code DNA and get DNA synthesized

  • Culture, grow and genetically modify human cells in vitro

  • Draw blood, get blood tested and separate serum

  • Understand and run ELISAs, PAGE gels, absorbance spectroscopy and much more

  • How DNA vaccines and DNA based gene therapies work in adult humans


Josiah Zayner, PhD (

Dr. Josiah Zayner is constantly pushing the boundaries of Science outside traditional environments. He started Biohacking during his Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics at the University of Chicago, creating The Chromochord in his apartment, the world’s first musical instrument that uses engineered protein nanotechnology. After his Ph.D., Josiah received a prestigious fellowship to work with NASA's Synthetic Biology program, engineering bacteria to help terraform Mars. Now he is the Founder and CEO of The ODIN, a company that is teaching people how to do genetic engineering at home. Besides starring in the recent Netflix documentary Unnatural Selection, his work has been featured in the New York Times, Time, Scientific American and NPR, among many others.

Streaming Experiments Tuesdays Starting June 30 at 11AM PT(GMT -8)



Instagram: @jzayner

David Ishee (

David Ishee is a biohacker and dog breeder working on projects to improve access to genetic engineering technology. With no degree or laboratory David is a self taught genetic engineering. With a lab built from home made and used laboratory equipment he’s been able to bootstrap genetically modified organisms at a fraction of the typical costs. His projects focus on developing more accessible methods of gene editing that allow breeders to remove genetic disease in dogs. 

David is focused on making powerful new biotechnologies accessible so that they can drive rapid innovation. His work has received coverage all over the world including BBC, MIT Technology Review, New Scientist, Showtime and a 4 part documentary on Netflix called “Unnatural Selection”.

Streaming Experiments Sundays Starting June 28th at 6PM CT(GMT -6)




Dariia Dantseva (

Dariia Dantseva is the founder of the first Biohackerspace in Ukraine called Yanelab.

Streaming Experiments Wednesday Starting July 1st at 4PM GMT +3



Instagram: @yanedariia 


Required Texts, Materials, or Equipment

The internet has a wealth of information on the topics presented in class. If you don’t understand something search it out. If you still don’t understand it then ask. 

When trying to access papers behind paywalls use for free access to most any paper

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