Project Racing Sim is the journey of three guys to build a competitive sim racing rig from the ground up. Justin races actual cars and is totally new to sim racing. Chris and Carter know gaming and rig building, but are new to sim racing. For more on our journey;

Under Construction:

Our first point is to document a ground-up sim racing build, by newbies, from total scratch. In the process you'll see what we did well, where we messed up, and how we adjust.  By the way, we only started a few weeks ago, and already have plenty of mistakes to share :)

A second goal here is to use the RALLYSITE platform as a template to help others plan, execute and share their own builds.  Also - doing this as a RALLYSITE sponsored "marketing" project also creates a tax advantage, which is great because this is not a cheap sport :)

But this project is about more than simply building or having a great sim racing rig.  It's more about team work and friendship in the context of a complex and fun project.  Chris and I not only work together but are friends.  It was an easy choice to do this together.  I (Justin) have never done anything with gaming, but I do actual rally racing.  Chris has never raced cars, but has built some gaming rigs.  Working together on this rig has striking similarities to actual racing, where the racing itself is the small part. The larger part is collaborating with a team, having in-depth conversations about the seemingly small details, failing, succeeding, and adjusting.  

Subscribe if you'd like to get the bigger updates (about every 2 weeks). Also we will eventually be selling the entire first build once we get the 2nd build up and running.

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Build / Parts Sheet:
build sheet; Computer: Ryzen 9 3900x Asus Prime B550 F Motherboard EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 TI XC 1 TB WD Black M.2 Ripjaw 32 GB 3200 850 Watt Corsair 80 Plus Gold Power Supply NZXT H510i Case Cable Mod Cables TP Link WiFi 6 PCI Windows 10 Home Racing Setup: GTA Simulator Chair Logitech G29 Steering Wheel, Pedals, Shifter VR: Oculus Rift Total: $4889