Project Racing Sim is the journey of three guys to build a competitive sim racing rig from the ground up. Justin races actual cars and is totally new to sim racing. Chris and Carter know gaming and rig building, but are new to sim racing. For more on our journey;

First - what is J.  thinking ??


Level 1 - Church Using CIY Programs & Content in a Self-Service Like Mode
Imagine a Church serving individuals digitally and/or live gathered groups, and following CIY designed programs and content.  A Church might be need to fully broadcast to each individual, have the ability for live group gathering, or have blended needs.  The CIY programs would be self contained and allow the Church to customize both process and content elements.

Level 2 - Church Using CIY Programs and Content with Scheduled CIY Live Connections
Similar to Level 1 for some program parts.  Other program parts would trigger at defined intervals where  the Church and individuals would access CIY live interactive broadcasts.  This would digitally connect Churches to CIY, other Churches, and Individuals.

Level 3 - Live CIY Events with Remote Connection Options for Churches and Individuals
Now Imagine that CIY is hosting a significant live event.

For Churches (and individuals) that are able to live attend such an event you would have had an an advanced program where those organizations were encouraged to participate in track like CIY Level 1 and/or Level 2 programs.  There would likely be an optimal and prescribed sequence that would make the experience better for all involved. By following the optimal sequence a Church and its' youth members would be better prepared for the quiz and contest like elements of any given event - similar to training or practice.

For other Churches (and individuals) that might not be able to attend the larger CIY live events there would still be significant remote digital participation opportunities, similar to Phase 2.  

Done well this type of blended live + digital system has the highest potential returns in all categories: spiritual, communal, and economical.  Being flexible and highly inclusive many more organizations and locations would have the opportunity to participate and engage.

* Booth games = a game where individuals from various locations would go into Zoom booths and work together to answer game questions, etc...

A similar organization - ish...