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This 31-day devotional will walk you through the entire book of Proverbs, giving you insights for daily living.
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31 Days
5 Minutes per day

If you've never read the Proverbs, this is a great plan for you! Pastor Bryan Dwyer of PursueGod.org will take us through the whole book of Proverbs over the next month.

Every day we'll walk through a Proverb with you to help you understand it so you can read on your own and learn from it.

For parents, this is a great way to teach the Proverbs to your kids! Watch the video each day, read the Proverb, and discuss.

Proverbs || Pursue God
Welcome to a Proverb a Day reading plan where you will study Solomon's Ancient Book of Wisdom.

Read a Proverb a day with Pastor Bryan and learn God's practical wisdom for everyday living!

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