Design Tool Hacks

A listing of easy design tools and hacks for those of us who want to create rad looking things in as little time as possible!

Sometimes I say, 'an idea for a template came to me.' This time I'll say, 'finally I made that idea into a template.' If you're like me you need to create a variety of design and visuals, but not as a designer. I have a need for some tool or hack, spend 20 minutes searching for it, and then 10 minutes using it. THEN... because I didn't find a good place to list the tool two months later do it all again. No more. Now I have this project. And I'll add cool design hack tools for me, you, and us!

This project is setup in 2 ways:

1 - As a Project to be Followed so you can stay up to date on the latest additions.

2 - As a Project to be copied so you can have your own little library of design hack tools.

If you do both just rename your copy.

Below is a peak inside...