Design Tool Hacks

A listing of easy design tools and hacks for those of us who want to create rad looking things in as little time as possible!

Sometimes I say, 'an idea for a template came to me.' This time I'll say, 'finally I made that idea into a template.' If you're like me you need to create a variety of design and visuals, but not as a designer. I have a need for some tool or hack, spend 20 minutes searching for it, and then 10 minutes using it. THEN... because I didn't find a good place to list the tool two months later do it all again. No more. Now I have this project. And I'll add cool design hack tools for me, you, and us!

This project is setup in 2 ways:

1 - As a Project to be Followed so you can stay up to date on the latest additions.

2 - As a Project to be copied so you can have your own little library of design hack tools.

If you do both just rename your copy.

Below is a peak inside...

Design Tool Hacks
This Project is set to be followed. If you want your own project feel free to make one!!

Feel free to leave comments on the things you find too.

And if you're really into it let us know and we'll make you an admin.
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