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My name is Justin Manes and this is my professional RESUME and PORTFOLIO.
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I've been both the one looking for a job and the one looking to hire. Both sides are challenging. A standard resume and interview process often fall short considering how important these choices are. Having a resume that truly speaks to who I am professionally and a portfolio with greater depth and breadth has been a great help for me to find better fitting opportunities.

Inside this portfolio you will find:
ABOUT & RESUME - where you will find a few things that are not on my resume, and a link to my full Google Doc resume and PDF.
AMAZON METHOD - recently I interviewed with AWS. They have a unique and amazing interview process.
PROJECTS - I added 5 work projects at depth and a section with some of my artwork.

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Justin Manes Resume:
This is a link to my resume, which can also be used as a template:

These are my notes on the Amazon Interview Method:

Thank you for checking out my portfolio and I hope you'll find RALLYSITE helpful for you own purposes!

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